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Master CFI Emeritus Art Hayssen's
Mountain Flying Adventures

Learn from the professionals who know and use the techniques...that just could save your life.

About Our Flyouts


Our Flyouts consists of 2 or more aircraft making a group flight to a cross country destination, and flying a second leg to an airport where we have lunch before returning to home base. 

We do our best to match up pilots and participants with aircraft. You may also 'bring a friend' with you. Many pilots like to bring their spouse or buddy. For the route, we gather at 6pm the evening before to check the weather outlook and do flight planning for the route. This year we will meet on Zoom.

We come together at 8am the next day to get an update on the weather and hopefully depart no later than 9am. Aircraft will depart on a schedule which will allow for arrival at the first destination airport at the same approximate time.

Slower aircraft depart first, the fastest last. Aircraft departing at other than KSTS will be in contact will the fly out Coordinator to time departure. All aircraft will monitor 122.75Mhz (air-to-air) to report position and any significant activity along the route. More details about the flights will be covered at the Mountain Flying Seminar and pre-planning session.

Our Mountain Flying Seminar gives you the ground instruction you need to practice safe mountain flying. 

The flyout is the "hands on" portion where pilots and participants get together to network and 'put the peddle to the metal' to put to use mountain flying skills!

You must have taken or take a ground training course from Art to be qualified to join a fly out as the Pilot-in-Command.

You may want to join us just for the classroom part of the training program. Most find the flyout the highlight of the training.

We encourage you to come join us (and bring a friend too!) for the memorable adventure!

Fly Out Schedule

We have planned Flyout destinations and dates listed below. If weather or other factors don’t allow a Flyout to the destination for a particular date, we will substitute one of the other Fly Out loops on that day.

May 11: Yosemite - Mammoth Lakes & South Lake Tahoe & Return

June 1: Truckee & South Lake Tahoe

June 22: Pine Mountain Lake, Auburn (with overflight of Lake Tahoe), South Lake Tahoe

July 6: Ruth, Kneeland & Shelter Cove

July 20: Dinsmore (D63), Hyampom (H47), Hoopa (O21)

August 17: Nervino (O02), Gansner (2O1) & Rodgers (O05)

Sept. 7: McBeth (S51) & Kneeland (O19)

Sept. 21: Dinsmore (D63), Hyampom (H47) and Shelter Cove (0Q5)

Oct. : Nerving (002) & Gansner/Quincy (201)

Note:   Plan to arrive at KSTS by 7:30am or be available by phone, unless otherwise requested.



Art Hayssen, 5-time NAFI Master Instructor, FAA Safety Team Lead Representative, ATP and active Flight Instructor since 1980. With over 10,000 hours of flight instruction given, Art’s instructor certificate includes airplane single and multi-engine land and sea, and instrument ratings. Art has conducted classes for the Civil Air Patrols Mountain Flying course and has flown extensively throughout the most rugged and remote regions of the Western US, Canada, Alaska and Southern Africa.

Dad & Nance's flight to Lake Sonoma & Healdsburg_ Windsor (Highschool, Junk yard) on first

Upcoming Flyout Adventure! Sonoma County/Bay Area -Truckee -Tahoe – South Lake Tahoe

$89 per plane (includes pilot and all passengers).

Flying to South Lake Tahoe (KTVL) & Truckee-Tahoe (KTRK) Airports will take us to both Lake Tahoe’s  Northshore & Southshore airports over North America’s premier Alpine Lake. Carved by Pleistocene glaciers 2 million years ago, Lake Tahoe’s surrounded by the breathtaking geography of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. View late Spring snowfields of the Desolation Wilderness, Emerald Bay and Fallen Leaf Lake, Zepher Cove, and many other spectacular features of the region.


Our first leg will intercept Highway I-80 at Blue Canyon airport to fly IFR (I Follow Roads) to Truckee-Tahoe Airport where we will regroup for a second leg over Lake Tahoe to South Lake Tahoe airport. We will have lunch at the Flight Deck Restaurant overlooking the runway and the West side of Heavenly Valley ski slopes.


This Flyout is a perfect introduction to flying the ‘High Country’ and a great return trip for many pilots. Although close to home bases in the San Francisco Bay area, it offers spectacular scenery and the experience of safely flying to and from potentially high-density altitude airports, sometimes 8,500’ to 9.000’ D.A.


South Lake Tahoe from the air:


The Route:


See Photos from Truckee and South Lake Tahoe Flyout June 3

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